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Packaged Current Accounts

What is a packaged current account?

This is basically a current account that comes with a package of extra features. You are charged an extra monthly fee by your bank in exchange for which you are given some "free" benefits - such as travel insurance, mobile phone insurance or breakdown cover for your car.

Whilst these benefits sound wonderful, many customers have discovered when they have tried to make a claim under them, they do not qualify for one reason or another. Other customers have never used the benefits and are not even aware of what is available.

These "upgraded" accounts are great unless you end up with a benefit you can't claim on, in which case, it is just a waste of money.

Mis-sold packaged current accounts

Many customers have been sold these upgraded accounts even though the product may have been unsuitable for the customer. Employees of banks have targets to meet and sometimes these get in the way of acting in the best interests of the customer.

  1. No knowledge of upgrade - It is possible that you were upgraded to an account without actually being aware of it. Check your statements and if there is a monthly fee of £20 or more, it is likely you were sold a packaged current account.
  2. Not eligible to claim one of the benefits - Were you told that you would be able to claim under one of the bundled insurance policies under your account and then when you tried to make a claim, you found out that actually you weren't covered? You may have been mis-sold the packaged current account.
  3. You felt you had no choice but to make the upgrade - Did the sales adviser take the time to talk to you and explain what the benefits are and find out what you actually wanted? Or was it just a hard sale? Were you told that you needed a packaged current account in order to get the loan or mortgage deal that you were after?
  4. You would never need the bundle of products that you were sold - Do you own a car? If not, you have no need for breakdown cover. Were you sold benefits that you would never need? Did the sales adviser take the time to understand whether the benefits bundle would be useful to you?
  5. No other products or options were offered - Were you told about other options and products? What about other products that were on the market that would be better for you, even if your bank did not offer them?

If any of the circumstances above sound familiar to you, you may have a claim for a mis-sold packaged current account.

What can I do to reclaim mis-sold packaged current accounts?

You are only going to get one chance to get it back, so it's important that you put your best foot forward. You can either, claim on your own or you can use an expert like Reclaim Specialists to help. We can't guarantee a pay-out for you or get more money than you would if you claim on your own, or that we can handle the claim faster.

What we can guarantee is a professional, straight forward, honest service which is hassle free for you. To see more about who we are, click here. For our contact details, click here